How to use this strength?

After a brief flirtation with Chuggington, Monkey is, once again, obsessed with the Penguins of Madagascar.   This makes me very happy because those pen-gu-ins1 are hysterical.  Duhdee and I quote them.  A lot.

Monkey also quotes them.  A lot.  Right now his favorite episode is “Hard Boiled Eggy.”  We hear a lot of “Mort!” and . . . → Read More: How to use this strength?

It was a big day here!

First, Duhdee totally broke my heart when he said no to this…

I don’t understand how anyone could say no to an 8 month old Australian Shepherd mix.  Sure they are flipping INSANE but they’re insane in that “OMG, let’s do it again” kind of way.  There are very few dog breeds that . . . → Read More: It was a big day here!

This entry is brought to you by one adorable Monkey.

I am laying in my bed with my laptop on my lap.  My son is laying next to me using my shoulder as a pillow.  He is sleepy as sleepy can be but he’s still awake.  So much for T.enex helping him sleep.  He wants me to type, he loves watching the letters crawl . . . → Read More: This entry is brought to you by one adorable Monkey.

One Day Fragile X Conference in Connecticut

The Fragile X Society of Connecticut is hosting a one day conference again this October!  Marcia Braden, Ph.D. (Colorado Spring, CO) Karen Riley, Ph.D. (University of Denver), Don Bailey, Ph.D. (RTI International, NC), Sharyn Lincoln, M.S., CGC (Children’s Hospital Boston) and Jonathan Picker, MB ChB, Ph.D. (Children’s Hospital Boston) will all be presenting.  See . . . → Read More: One Day Fragile X Conference in Connecticut

A conference call.

Tonight Duhdee and I had a conference call with the developmental pediatrician.  We caught up on what we’ve been seeing from Monkey over the last med-free week, none of which is particularly great.  His sleeping which had been tanking continued to do so with a vengeance.  Not only were the night wakings continuing but . . . → Read More: A conference call.

A morning interlude.

This morning, as he was getting dressed, Duhdee grabbed a belt.  Monkey loves belts though he won’t wear one himself.   As Duhdee threaded the belt through the loops, Monkey grabbed the buckle and said, “Pull!”  And he did.

Duhdee, understandably, exclaimed, “Heyyy!”1

Monkey looked up at him, grinned and replied, “Oh, dear!” à la . . . → Read More: A morning interlude.

A few thoughts from our clinic visits.

I feel as though we’re in a pretty good place.  We may not know exactly how to address the issues we see but I think we’re getting close.  As we all know, how to treat an issue varies greatly from individual to individual.   I think we have come quite a long way this year . . . → Read More: A few thoughts from our clinic visits.

Ohhhh, I want!

Monkey has something similar but it’s not as big and not nearly as cool.  I want, I want, I want!

Available here.

It will satisfy my long wished for one of these…

The baby question, again.

Since Duhdee brought up the topic on Facebook…

A little over 2 years ago Duhdee and I made The Decision.  We weren’t terribly happy with the outcome, we still wanted more kids, but it was a decision and there was some relief in having made it.  We were ready to move on and see . . . → Read More: The baby question, again.