More fluff.


Anway. I am loving this song!–175347937

The Hackensaw Boys – Sun’s Work Undone lyrics

What I want you to know, is how much I love you. I place no one above you You’re always in my prayers

And on the day you were born Something inside of me grew and, Something inside . . . → Read More: More fluff.

How about some fluff to counter the deep shiznit?

I think I’m actually going to do New Year’s resolutions this year but I need to scrape up all the wispy thoughtlets floating around in my head and make at least one cohesive thought. So…stay tuned for that bit of fun.

In the meantime, Monkey is at home this week for winter break. I . . . → Read More: How about some fluff to counter the deep shiznit?

Well, hi, there!

So that whole Christmas thing that we hyped up and had such high hopes for? I told Duhdee on Sunday night it was the best Christmas ever and I meant it. That is high praise given how many amazing memories I have of Christmas growing up.

So, why haven’t I blogged? It’s not for . . . → Read More: Well, hi, there!

Fair warning, this one is dripping in sap.

I am not supposed to be blogging! I am supposed to be wrapping Christmas gifts, making treats, walking the dogs, cleaning the fish tank, cleaning the house, sleeping…something…pretty much anything except blogging but here I am.

I was clearing off the dining room table so I could wrap yet more presents and, buried under . . . → Read More: Fair warning, this one is dripping in sap.


On Monday Duhdee reported at dinner that Monkey’s teacher had needed to use a “very firm voice” with Monkey that day. Uh oh.

The “firm voice” is a big deal. It, the promise of a time out and, on very rare occasions, an actual time out are the only disciplinary measures we’ve ever needed with Monkey. . . . → Read More: Tada!

Have you heard of the Logo Reading System?

We’ve had the pleasure of attending several Fragile X related conferences over the years and the Logo Reading System developed by Marcia Braden has been mentioned more than once. I’ve looked at it but we’ve never gone any further than that, Monkey was still pretty young. Now, however, I’m thinking we should ask the . . . → Read More: Have you heard of the Logo Reading System?

If only T K was this easy.

We are not fans of Mondays here at Chez Monkey. I was in super-duper, extra slow-motion because I was up until 2 AMchatting with some WICKED awesome friends, two of whom seem to live in this place called C-A-N-A-D-A. Neat, eh?1 And, yes, even the morning after I can say it was sooooo worth . . . → Read More: If only T K was this easy.

Not a single guess?

No one wants to translate “T K” for me, eh? Dang it.

We took Monkey to Edaville yesterday. He was really excited about the trip, there was a TRAIN involved, after all, but we nearly had a massive failure. The problem started when Umma was in the truck, playing with her phone and got . . . → Read More: Not a single guess?

What is he saying?

This has been a consistent game in our lives for the last two or three years. Even as his speech gets clearer and clearer there are still times when we just have NO idea what he is trying to say. It seems like every time I ask you to play along something clicks and . . . → Read More: What is he saying?