To minocycline or not, updated.

Holly’s mom of Holly Daze asked about an update on this topic and it has certainly been a hot topic on the FX related groups on Facebook and also on the listserve so …

In January of 2009 I posted the following (There are some comments to the post worth reading too, click HERE . . . → Read More: To minocycline or not, updated.


This evening, Monkey and Duhdee came to pick me up at work. Monkey gives me the greatest greetings now, he asks for hugs and asks if I’m OK1 and then he asks for my phone or iPad2. After we got through the hugging through the window and handing over the phone bit, I jumped . . . → Read More: šŸ˜€

He’s got this new thing…

so, this child has come up with some strange amusements over the years but this latest one takes the cake.

Monkey is, and I can’t believe I’m actually posting about this, playing with toys. T.O.Y.S. Toys. Not just toy versions of things he sees us or other people use (binoculars, power tools, etc.) but . . . → Read More: He’s got this new thing…

I am so with it.

Today is September 21 and I just figured out why I’ve been in a rotten, low down, hide under the covers mood for the last two weeks. No one has ever accused me of being overly bright.

I don’t want to remember that day. I tried really hard to avoid all the anniversary coverage . . . → Read More: I am so with it.

A little giggle.

I’m putting Monkey to bed, yes, I took a break midway to blog this…is that odd?

**Fine, here’s why…I got home from work, late. Monkey was crying about something, nothing he could explain or we could puzzle out. I waited until he had calmed down before telling him it was bedtime and his whole . . . → Read More: A little giggle.

Merry Christmas!

It’s not secret that Monkey doesn’t exactly excel at morning transitions to school. We hardly ever have mornings when he holds onto me for dear life until we manage to pry him off and run like hell leave him in the loving arms of his teacher…but they’re are still iffy enough that when we . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas!


I am so easily amusedā€¦instead of just deleting the gajillion spam comments I get here I like to skim through them once in awhile. Some of them are so amusing I had to shareā€¦

Such Praise!

I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. . . . → Read More: Spamalicious!

How is this for a wrench in the works?

Duhdee and IĀ came to a decision, finally, on the clinical trial. WeĀ decided that Monkey is doing so amazingly well on C.elexa (increased language, happier in general) *and* that sinceĀ he’s just starting at a new school…it wasn’t fair to change his medications at this time. Soooooo…we emailed the amazing Dr. Nasir and asked him about . . . → Read More: How is this for a wrench in the works?

STX209 – You’ve heard of it, right?

We here at Chez Monkey are very excited that there will be a nearby clinic for Seaside Therapeutics’ Phase III STX209 trial. We have spoken to the researcher at UMASS in Worcester and he’s given us the OK to share with you what he told us in our screening call. Duhdee and I are . . . → Read More: STX209 – You’ve heard of it, right?